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The cryodragongender flag

from lgbta wiki

"Cryodragongender is a xenogender that is strongly connected to dragons, either identifying as such or incorporating their concept into one's gender to better understand it. It is a variant of dragongender, but specifically for those who feel that their gender is more closely represented by ice or frost dragons rather than fire dragons (from cryo- meaning “icy cold,” “frost"). This connection could be due to one's kintype, but the term is not exclusive to otherkin.

"Pyrodragongender" (from pyro- meaning "fiery") can be used to describe the contrasting gender, which is specifically fiery and draconic.

-Cryodragongender article

why i use this term

My very own gender! I made it for me! (Though anyone can use it.)

This term fills a niche I couldn't find anywhere else: gender that's draconic, but ice-aligned. Most draconic genders have fiery symbolism, so I created this one.


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