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what is a termhoard/genderhoard?

Termhoarding is when you collect a variety of terms to describe your gender, because one or two terms don't feel like they cover it completely, or those terms refer to different aspects of your gender. It's also known as termcollector, but as a dragon, I like termhoarding because it more accurately describes how I feel about my hoard: as something to pore over, enjoy and treasure, that I collect because I get good feelings from being around it.

A genderhoard is similar, but for those who have multiple genders or experience their gender(s) as fluid/in flux. Since I have a consistent sense of gender, but it's vast and needs multiple terms to be described, this is a termhoard more than a genderhoard.

what do you mean when you say you're a dragon?

See the LGBTA wiki page on otherkin:

do you really expect people to remember all these terms and use them for you?

Nope! This hoard is just for my own personal use. I collect the terms and flags here because it makes me happy when I see them, because it feels nice to surround myself with things that affirm my gender, and to inspire other people to share their hoards if they want to!

If a term is listed on this site, you can call me by it, but don't feel like you have to use or remember them all! If you're unsure, you can simply refer to my gender as "dragon".

you aren't oppressed for being these silly genders omg shut up

I never said I was. Gender terms like these aren't about trying to claim some sort of special status over everyone else: we are all oppressed under this late-capitalist hell and we need to work in solidarity to fight that. But solidarity also requires recognising individuality. To help each other meaningfully, we need to accept that people have different needs, wants, desires and ways of looking at the world, and that things you might personally find silly or strange may have a lot of importance to others.

Describing myself this way isn't an attempt to make sweeping political change. But standing up for my right to feel this way is a tiny political act, an act of expanding the ways in which we talk about gender and sharing them with more people. I think that's good.

And even if it never helps anyone else, it helps me. That's also good.


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