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from lgbta wiki

"GenderNH is an umbrella term for a gender which is impacted by being nonhuman in some way. This includes but is not limited to otherkin, copinglinkers, nonhumans in systems, delusional misidentification, vampires, and any alterhuman.

Being GenderNH is not inherently transgender or non-binary, though genderNH individuals may be. The term can include cis nonhumans who feel like their gender is still impacted by a nonhuman identity."

-GenderNH article

why i use this term

I like this term over xenogender or kingender, though I use those as well because they're more familiar to people.

I particularly enjoy genderNH because the term makes it very clear that my gender is fundamentally a nonhuman gender; even if I sometimes describe it using terms that also apply to human genders, such as male or masculine, my gender does not relate to the human versions of those things. For example, a peacock's train is a male trait, but it's not a human male trait, so a peacock-kin wearing an artificial train might feel more masculine even if their presentation doesn't look that way to humans.

I've realised that I can enjoy being referred to as male or with he/him pronouns, but only in contexts where I know people are associating it with draconic/reptilian maleness, not human maleness. Figuring that out was a big step in understanding my gender.


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