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The glaciagender flag

from lgbta wiki

"Glaciagender is a xenogender and/or kingender in which one has a gender that is in some way related to the cold, ice, snow, glaciers, or similar concepts. This can be aesthetically linked, having an ice-related kingender, using coolness as a metaphor for your gender, etc. It can be used as both an umbrella term and a lone term."

-Glaciagender article

why i use this term

My gender feels related specifically to being an ice dragon. It's not that I don't relate to other types of dragons (I do!), but I am an ice dragon, and that aspect of my draconity is important to me aesthetically and symbolically, as well as literally.

Snow and ice represent the biomes I'm most comfortable in, the places where I feel at home. I'm camouflaged against the stark blue sky and frosty, muddy waters; my ice breath protects me and helps me shape my lair. With just the right vibration, ice becomes water; I give thanks for the water of which I am made and which hides me and nourishes me, source of life, domain of 𓆋 Lord Sobek (He Who is Great of Terror and Sharp of Teeth).

As well as my physical love of and tolerance for cold, ice also represents to me the metaphorical coldness of my personality. I'm neuroatypical and aroace, and I've been called cold-hearted a lot by people who wanted to shame me for not responding to emotions "correctly". It's something I embrace, now, as a protective ward. I try to be kind, but the waters of my emotions are barred from the rest of the world by that layer of ice, and that's how I'm most comfortable.

Being glacia-, for me, is a stone butch sort of feeling. When I thought I was a lesbian, I identified as stone butch, but I feel that icy connotations describe the feeling better than stony ones. I'm not unmeltable, but I resent people trying to melt me because they believe warm is better. I prefer to show my emotions at my own pace.

In short: I'm a reptile. Even if a reptile can't love you like a human, it's still a creature, worthy of kindness.

(Also, the flag is just perfect and I vibe with it so much.)


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