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The theriagender flag

from lgbta wiki

"Theriagender is a term under the alterhumangender umbrella for genders, gender modalities, or xenogenders connected to the fact that an individual is a therian. Theriagender can be used to describe a gender that changes or fluctuates when a therian kinshifts, a gender that is effected [sic] by a therian's exomemories/exolimbs/exotrauma/exopain/etc, a gender that is effected by the gender of their kintype (such as being a masculine gender due to their kintype being a male wolf,) and anything similar.

This may be considered an overlapping term to kingender, genderNH, and similar terms.

-Theriagender article

why i use this term

I use this term for similar reasons as I use kingender.


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